Let the Stones glow

Adding LED light to the PP Hordes Shifting Stones (Circle of Orboros)


Let me show You the way to get there on a budget

 It’been a while since I’ve added some content here. So: new Year – new projects 😉
A friend of mine is playing Circle and I was looking for a birthday present for him. I’ve decided to do some modeling work and painting on a unit he is using (sadly enough) quite often. I hope he will be happy with it…..

Now for the interesting part why You are here for (I guess)

The light source

I went to alocal drugstore and bought a set of 4 LED candles for just 3,99 EUR. Including batteries.


cheap pack of 4 candles incl. batteries

 I wasn’t sure about the type of switch. But luckily it turned out that there is a common switch. Some candles use a sensorlike switch on the button. So they would turn on as soon as You place them them. Not a good choice to save battery life during storage…..
The light is more a dark yellow but with a flickering effect which is quite nice as an ancient arcane glowing.
You’ll need to get the guts out of them. Be carefull to not touch the battery on both sides often. This will reduce the battery life. 

Just follow these steps. They surely differ from candle type to candle type. 


one of them


take off the “flame”. This will release the LED.


Battery compartement



Brute force attack to get to the core….


cut away the plastic noses which keep the switch in place


there we go: the inner part. Already wired 🙂


the battery clip is too high to fit under the base. cut it a bit it will fit.

That’s it for the preparation of the elctronics. No soldering. 

Up to the next part:

The Base

I used a standard PP 30mm base. But we need some additional prep work on it to get the switch and the battery in place.


a 30mm PP base (what a surprise…..)


cut a hole for the battryclip attached to the switch



the battry clip fits into the hole. Just a dry fit


to leave enough space for the battery I removed the plastic around the slot


before and after


the lid under the switch should be sanded for a better fit


the good and cheap IKEA corc thick enough to hold the swich and the LED


mark the dimensions


thick enough








now the upper side


pre cutting to get sharp edges


removing unwanted corc


carefull now. The corc might break as we have now a big hole. Big enough to put the switch through and big enough to easily break…..


wiring almost done




 Preparing the Stone

Now for the hardest part. Drilling a hole up to the middle of the Stone. Be very carefull to keep the drillbit in the right angle. Use a low speed drill. I drilled a 4mm hole and enlarged it to 6mm to fit in the LED.

The runes can be drilled with less then 0,5mm drills. 

Done !!


Harbi’s Twins – Initial ideas

A few weeks ago I’ve had an idea. So I made some plans, consultet my WarRoom and drafted a shopping list.

Time passed and selling of a few minis I knew I would never start neither finish painting went quite well.

And today I finished the last part of my shopping list.

But first to my idea/plan. This is what I created in WarRoom:

<duh. Copy and paste is not working on my pad>

Anyway, it’s a list for a 50pts Warmachine Menoth army. Featuring the Harbinger and (tataaaa) two Judicators and some support.

This is nothing special and might not worthy to read anyhow.

But here’s what I bought to get the two collossals build:

<grrrrr. Uploading pictures is not working as well> wait……….

Harbi's Twins just moved in

Oh yes. This is going to be about converting an Imperial knight into a Judicator.

Reason for this

The moment I saw the Knight the first time I felt like hugging GW for being third party supplier for Warmachine. I don’t want to raise discussion of who copied whom and who did it first.
But as I started playing Warmachine and never played WH40K I see it from that POV.
And to be honest: I like the GW stuff for the details and ideas and quality of their models. (Leaving aside the financial aspect…….)
To get back to the point: I saw a Knight and had the strong whish to convert it into a Judicator. As I didn’t own one at that time and wanted to complete my Menoth.

So, if You like, join me to see the progress of the creation of an odd twin to the Judicator. And some day a report of a successfull battle led by Harbi 😉

So long.
I’m sick and am tired.

And be the word of Menoth with You.