Harbi’s Twins – Initial ideas

A few weeks ago I’ve had an idea. So I made some plans, consultet my WarRoom and drafted a shopping list.

Time passed and selling of a few minis I knew I would never start neither finish painting went quite well.

And today I finished the last part of my shopping list.

But first to my idea/plan. This is what I created in WarRoom:

<duh. Copy and paste is not working on my pad>

Anyway, it’s a list for a 50pts Warmachine Menoth army. Featuring the Harbinger and (tataaaa) two Judicators and some support.

This is nothing special and might not worthy to read anyhow.

But here’s what I bought to get the two collossals build:

<grrrrr. Uploading pictures is not working as well> wait……….

Harbi's Twins just moved in

Oh yes. This is going to be about converting an Imperial knight into a Judicator.

Reason for this

The moment I saw the Knight the first time I felt like hugging GW for being third party supplier for Warmachine. I don’t want to raise discussion of who copied whom and who did it first.
But as I started playing Warmachine and never played WH40K I see it from that POV.
And to be honest: I like the GW stuff for the details and ideas and quality of their models. (Leaving aside the financial aspect…….)
To get back to the point: I saw a Knight and had the strong whish to convert it into a Judicator. As I didn’t own one at that time and wanted to complete my Menoth.

So, if You like, join me to see the progress of the creation of an odd twin to the Judicator. And some day a report of a successfull battle led by Harbi 😉

So long.
I’m sick and am tired.

And be the word of Menoth with You.

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